$247.00 USD

Streamlined Deviation Investigation Course

Transform Your GMP Deviation Investigations with Our Proven 5-Step Framework

This intermediate level course is designed specifically for GMP Deviation Investigators in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector who understand the fundamentals and are looking for a structured problem solving approach to increase quality and speed.

The Challenge: Overcoming Investigation Delays

Delayed investigations can spiral into significant risks - from

  • repeat failures jeopardizing business operations,
  • backlogs adding pressure on employees
  • quality systems strain.
  • Regulatory compliance risk
  • Patient risk

Traditional training teaches you how to conduct thorough investigations, yet often misses the crucial aspect of managing these investigations within expected lead times.

Our Solution: A Shift in Perspective

This course introduces a transformative approach: shifting the focus from merely "writing" an investigation to "building" one. Our course equips you with a simple yet strategic five-step framework tailored for comprehensive deviation investigations, ensuring you not only identify issues but effectively resolve them within critical timelines.

What You Will Gain:

  • Strategic Insight:
    Learn our exclusive five-step framework designed for conducting deviation investigations with efficiency and depth.
  • Proactive Planning:
    Master an investigation planning process that propels you into action, ensuring a swift start, stakeholder alignment and focused approach.
  • Clarity in Communication: Discover a formula for crafting clear problem statements that lay the groundwork for effective investigation and resolution.
  • Root Cause Analysis:
    Adopt a logical approach to investigating root causes, implementing corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), and documenting impacts to prevent recurrence.

What is Included:

  • Access to our online training.

  • A downloadable deviation planning blueprint.

  • Step by step instruction on how to apply our 5 step deviation investigation framework to an investigation you are working on now.

This course is not just about enhancing your technical skills; it's about changing the way you approach deviation investigations. By focusing on building and assembling investigation components rather than writing them, you'll learn to manage investigations within expected lead times, significantly reducing risks to the business, employees, quality, and compliance.

Enroll today to begin the transformation that your team and patients rely on.